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Organising tips for mamas-to-be (not me!)

Mother’s Day last week had me thinking about my first day as a mum in 2014 – pic below! Little did I know how overwhelmed I would feel for those first few weeks. Even though I have always been an organised person, I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been in advance, which would have lessened some of the stress and complete panic I felt. Our spare room turned into a nightmare full of gift bags cards and clothes – I wanted to write down and take pictures of the baby wearing each of the gifts! What was I thinking – no one expects this and I absolutely hadn’t the time to be this organised once baby had arrived.

There are lots of resources online and in person meet-ups, groups and checklists that you can utilise to get prepared. After baby arrives – especially your first baby give yourself a break take it easy and enjoy those first few days and weeks as they fly by!

For this post I’ll focus on pre baby arrival and some organisation tips and tricks that you can try to implement in advance. As always just drop me an email, DM on Instagram or contact me through my website if there is anything I didn’t cover or anything you’d like to hear more about.

Top tips for pre baby organisation

1. Don’t overbuy the newborn size – they only last a couple of weeks, if even, in this tiny size – most shops include the weight on the label – I always found Next and M&S best quality wise. H&M vests also handy as they have the side buttons so easier to dress a sleepy baby! H&M side button vests

2. Wash all the new bits before baby arrives – this is harder to do once baby comes home as there will already be enough washing – I only did this for the first few weeks on both of my kids but they didn’t have any skin sensitivities so it will depend on your little one.

3. Organise the drawers or space where baby’s clothes and accessories will be stored. Most changing units come with storage – drawers are preferable so that you can see exactly what you have. I highly recommend the IKEA SKUBB inserts for storing the clothes within the drawers. It helps to keep structure within the drawer so that you can easily grab what you need. They work best with IKEA drawers so if you don’t have IKEA ones just measure up to be sure.

4. Zoning and labelling where possible – I can’t recommend a label maker enough I got mine in Harvey Norman. It will again help other people to follow your new organised system.

5. Have a fully stocked baby change caddy downstairs, in the car and upstairs so that you have everything to hand when needed. I love these Amazon ones as they have lots of sections for all the bits and bobs. Baby change caddy

6. Freeze dinners in advance – you will be tired and hungry so future new mum will thank you for being organised and having some batch cooked staples in the freezer. If friends offer to help in any way asking for a curry or a bolognaise for the freezer might be an option – everyone loves feeling useful and helping out so don’t be afraid to ask.

7. You will likely receive LOTS of gifts for bigger sizes so having a space for them is a great idea. Having a fabric zip bag or box up top in a wardrobe labelled with ‘too big’ or more specifically the sizes 6-12months etc is so handy so that you can quickly rotate the drawers when your baby gets bigger. One warning here though just consider the season in advance – so if your baby born in January receives a snowsuit for a 6month old – chances are when it fits in June you won’t need such a heavy garment – so try to exchange items if you don’t think that they will be suitable when it will actually fit! Most shops allow you to exchange once tags are on – also people usually include gift receipts.

8. Hand me downs – these can be such a welcome gift from friends that have good quality items that they are finished with – but don’t be afraid to only take what you love, need and will use – otherwise it just becomes your clutter to deal with.

9. Babies come with a lot of equipment! Sterilisers, high chairs, bouncers, bottles – in advance of the onslaught of bits and bobs make space on the counter or in a drawer – keep like items together and contain where possible. This will help stay organised once baby has arrived and hopefully stop the feelings of overwhelm as the counters can be clutter free as you’ve already identified a home for everything before baby arrives!

10. Lastly my top tip for POST baby is to take all and any help offered! It literally takes a village!

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Mar 28, 2023

Brilliant tips Haz! so helpful for new moms to be! Although can’t believe I didn’t get a shout out for getting you your first label maker!! 😆


Mar 28, 2023

Not for me either Hazel but a brilliant article. Great that you include shops where you purchased items. That alone saves time.

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