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Christmas Decoration Storage

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Christmas storage blog post

I thought it made sense to add the Christmas Storage post as a blog post as well so that it can be referred to all in one spot!!


Firstly, the most important part of buying storage is to ensure it fits and will work – so measure up before you buy. Also, you don’t always have to buy storage – use what you have around the house – I use Pringles tubes to keep my lights free from tangles – there is a reel on my page for this.


But if you are in market for storage options for your Christmas decorations here are some nice options:


Gift wrap storage - Gift wrap storage


This is not just for Christmas and it comes in packs of 2 so you can use one for Christmas and one for regular gift wrap to use all throughout the year. Add Sellotape, pen and scissors so everything is in one place.


Battery organisers –

Keeping all of your batteries stored in one place helps to avoid the panic on Christmas morning when Santa has forgotten to include batteries. It also helps throughout the year and you can easily see which size(s) you need to replenish.


Christmas tree bag - Christmas tree storage

Another great product to contain your tree before storing away – I usually put the Christmas teddies inside the bag as well as there’s plenty of room.


Wreath storage - Wreath storage

A lot of the time wreaths are purchase loose so there’s no better way to store and keep them in good condition than to use a wreath storage bag – I love that it has a clear window so you can see what’s inside.



Bauble storage - Bauble storage


There are lots of options on the market and this one is perfect to keep all your baubles stored and neat. For my more delicate ornaments I would still wrap them individually to ensure no breakages.


Fabric zip storage - Fabric zip storage

I use these all the time in wardrobe resets – they come in packs of 3 and the window clear panel at the front allows you to see what’s inside. In terms of Christmas, I use for my Christmas bedding, throws, cushion covers etc so they are a very versatile purchase.


I hope you found this helpful drop me a comment here or through Instagram if you’ve any questions on any of it.


Happy resetting! Xx

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Conor Burton
Conor Burton
Jan 01


Hazel - The Home Reset
Hazel - The Home Reset
Jan 01
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