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The Home Reset final assets_Dark on pink Leopard Print Background.png
The Home Reset final assets_Dark on pink Leopard Print Background.png
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The Christmas Reset

Who knew I would be really enjoying putting blog posts together……?

Well, here it is, blog post number 2 – and we’re talking all things CHRISTMAS….

I LOVE Christmas and always have; at home it was always such a special time and my parents definitely had pre-Christmas traditions to get ready for the big day which I still follow but now Christmas is a very different time for most people.

There is a lot of stress, a lot going on and it can be overwhelming at the best of times. In this post I will outline some tips to tackle some of the problem areas in the lead up to Christmas and during the festive period. This will help you stay in the moment, enjoying the downtime and not allowing clutter to overwhelm your mind.

What is stressing us out pre-Christmas;

1) Playrooms - we know more toys are en route from the big man, so can we get the kids involved and do a donation drive - make room for the new toys and donate the pre loved toys to charity - a good lesson for the kids. Kids can receive so much stuff it can be overwhelming for them. Consider making memories and gifting experiences, over more things - maybe Nanas and aunties would club together for a zoo pass or amusement park membership to be used throughout the year - much better than more plastic.

2) Kitchen - we’re going to be entertaining family and friends for the first time in a few years and people might be feeling overwhelmed at the thoughts, so getting organised in advance will ease that stress. Take a look at the delph for example, do you have enough for guests is there anything to remove/donate taking up precious room. Don’t attempt the whole kitchen start small with one or two areas that need attention.

3) Wardrobe - finally we’re able to get out and enjoy the celebrations. Do you need to reset the wardrobe? Take out dresses, decide what you love and let the rest go charity. In order to maintain, follow the one in one out rule. Go shopping in your own wardrobe again!


  • BATTERIES, BATTERIES AND MORE BATTERIES – Santa doesn’t always remember to bring them – so invest in a battery organiser.

  • Ensure you have enough Sellotape.

  • Wrap gifts as you purchase to avoid a wrap-a-thon on Christmas Eve.

  • Have an extra small gift or voucher wrapped under the tree just in case.

  • Prosecco for Breakfast

Lastly follow my ELF steps

Eliminate Clutter

Love your stuff or Let it go

Feel good in your home

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